Government of Nepal

Ministry of Forests and Environment

Forest Research and Training Centre

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal



Committees :

Organizing committee

Coordinator: Dr. Deepak K Kharal, Director General, FRTC, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member: Dr. Swoyambhu M Amatya, Agroforestry Coordinator, IUFRO

Member: Prof. Krishna R Tiwari, Dean, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry, Nepal

Member: Dr. Balram Bhatta, Dean, Faculty of Forestry, Agroforestry University, Nepal

Member: Dr. Ambika P Gautam, Principal, Kathmandu Forestry College, Nepal

Member: Dr. Rajendra KC, Department of Forest and Soil Conservation, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member: Dr. Bishnu H Pandit, Nepal Agroforestry Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member: Representative from Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Nepal

Member: Dr. Keshab R Goutam, Ministry of Forests and Environment, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member: Dr.Naya S Paudel, Forest Action, Kathmandu, Nepal

Member Secretary: Ms. Sunita Ulak, Forest Research and Training Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal


Scientific committee. 

                   The committee includes:
                                         Dr. Swoyambhu Man Amatya
                                         Dr. Buddi Sagar Poudel
                                         Dr. Ambika Prasad Gautam
                                         Dr. Bishnu Hari Pandit
                                         Representative from MoALD
                  TOR of the Scientific committee are
                 to review the abstracts, and select the papers, prepare guideline for the oral presentation and poster presentation.