Published Date : 2019-12-29 (Modified Date : 2020-02-06)

Soil laboratory conducts research related to soil and forestry in collaboration with other sections of this department and outside organizations working in the forest development activities. Apart from research it also provides soil survey and analytical services to government, nongovernment institutions and individual client.



The primary goal of this lab is to improve forest productivity in sustainable way through

better understanding of soil constituent and process functioning in the forest ecosystem in


Specific objectives  

  •  To carry out research related to the soil and forest silviculture and management
  •  To conduct research to determine nutrient content in various tree fodder
  •  To provide soil survey and analytical services to various institutions and individuals 
  •  involved in the forestry development work
  •  To enrich physical and analytical facilities to insure quality analytical service


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Saroj Kumar Chaudhary

Divisional Soil Chemist


Mob. No.9851162029

Forest Research and Survey

GPO Box 3339 ,

Kathmandu , Nepal


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