प्रकाशित मिति : २०१९-१२-२९ (अद्यावधिक मित : २०२०-०२-०९)

Remote Sensing and mapping lab

Remote Sensing and mapping lab conducts to monitor changes in the forest resources of the country to produce forest resources map at the national ,provinces,district levels  local level and also up-date the existing maps of the country.


To produce the forest cover,forest types map of the country.

Specific objectives

  • Produce the land use/land covers map of the district levels
  •  Detect any change in forest cover
  •  Up-date the existing map
  •  Disseminate the information
  •  Exchange the satellite imagery data
  • update records of all the available Aerial Photographs(APs)
  • Provide service to the people as per their request for APs
  • produces forest and other land use maps, most of them are digitized. Detailed forest maps are produced for different organizations on request.
  • prepare the Forest Cover Map of different national,provinces and local level showing various forest types, stand size and density