S.N. Title Submitted By Published Date
1. Land cover Monitoring FRTC 2022-04-22 View Notice
2. International Year of Plant Health,2020 silviculture section 2020-01-26 View Notice
3. Internship orientation program for forestry students Planning and Policy Program Evaluation Study Section 2020-01-21 View Notice
4. Science-Policy Dialogue on ‘Forests and Education’ FRTC View Notice
5. Training program on validation of analytical methods used to analyze N, P, and K in Soil laboratory of DFRS” FRTC View Notice
6. First Training of Implementing GLAD System for forest cover change mapping in Nepal FRTC View Notice
7. LiDAR workshop for Nepal FRTC View Notice
8. Bhutanese foresters visit DFRS FTRC View Notice
9. DFRS Internal Seminar Series FRTC View Notice
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