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Welcome to Forest Research and Training Centre

Forest Research and Training Centre is a Government body under the Ministry of Forests and Environment, responsible for forestry research and survey activities at the national level. It also offers forestry training and extension services. With an objective of conducting forest resources survey, Forest Resources Survey Project (FRSP) was set up under the Department of Forests in 1963. It was later upgraded as the Forest Survey and Research Office (FSRO) in 1976. The office was reformed to a Forest Research and Survey Centre (FORESC), a semi-autonomous body in 1993.  It was emerged as a separate Department of Forest Research and Survey in 1999. In 2018, the Department and the Central Forestry Training and Extension Centre were merged and established as the Forest Research and Training Centre (FRTC).FRTC has four division as the following aims,objective and activities

Aims and Objectives

  • Conduct scientific research and survey on forestry sector;
  • Conduct national level forest inventory and develop forest resource database;
  • Carry out forest cover mapping and prepare forest maps;
  • Conduct training relevant to forest resource management to forestry sector personnel.

Major activities

  • Scientific forestry research/studies
  • Forest cover mapping
  • National forest inventory
  • Capacity building and extension

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Forest Research and Training Centre

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