Published Date : 2020-11-05

1. Program Summary


Ecosystem and Forest Types Mapping Program

Implementing Agency

Forest Research and Training Centre, Ministry of Forests and Environment, Nepal

Program duration

Two years

Starting Date

1 May 2020

End Date

30 April 2022


Purpose of the program

  1. The primary purpose of Ecosystem and Forest Types Mapping is to identify the state of an ecosystem, its characteristics, classifications and conditions. It will enable to delineate the critical ecosystems for conservation for ensuring supply of ecosystem services.


Program outputs:

  1. Forest, wetland, rangeland and agriculture types and ecosystems maps, typology produced and made available through open data sources.
  2.  Ecosystems threat vulnerability status assessed and recommend the management options.

Program outcomes

  1. Enhanced understanding and improved decision-making supported by a re-categorization, re-classification and revisiting of ecosystems.
  2. Improved national capacity to update information and meet national and international targets.

2. Organization Structure

3. Ecosystem Mapping Unit

Program Coordinator :Bimal Kumar Acharya ( Under-Secretary Tech.) ,FRTC

Program Officer : Amul Kumar Acharya ,FRTC


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